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Lack of diversity in late-night television is nothing new, but it's back in the conversation in a big way, thanks to the recently busy revolving door of host changeovers. The last few years have been the busiest in late night's history. After decades of watching the same faces on late night, the landscape is looking rather different these days. But is it really? As Vanity Fair's recent feature made startlingly clear, all these changes have taken the form of men passing the torch to other men. Samantha Bee will break up this all-male club in with her own late-night show for TBS. It's not all male, all the time. The point Noah misses, though, is that while these changes in front of the camera are encouraging, they still don't change the diversity plateau lurking behind the scenes — and it's still a far more pervasive problem than most realize. Most agree Colbert's new show is a fresh take on late night, but his writers room is a stale holdover George Clooney and Stephen Colbert talk on the series premiere of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

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