The Secret of the Caves

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Shelves: hardy-boys Ok this isn't a specific review of the books. There are quite a few hardy boys books and I read them over a period of several years but that was around years ago now. Some I remember clearly and I will be specific about those at the end of this part of the review. This section is really an overview of the series. Franklin w. Dixon was of course a syndicate name. A name used over many years on the hardy boys books. My father read them during the fifties, they started during the forties and Ok this isn't a specific review of the books. My father read them during the fifties, they started during the forties and by the end of the the 's I'd collected a full set up to around number 90 along with the first 25 or so casefiles books.

Shelves: floabehrtbmfloat-middle-earth 3. I enjoyed it a good deal more than I thought I would. May read other books in the series. Nonetheless, it is one of the best of the classic Enduring Boys books. I remember enjoying it when young, and I much enjoyed it now, almost 40 years afterwards. The Hardys, along with their acquaintance Chet, set out to find a missing professor, while assisting Mr. Enduring, who is investigating attacks against a local radar site.

She was about to go to academy at the University of Kansas, anywhere she would study journalism and assemble her future husband, a dashing newspaper journalism student named Wilbur Schutze. A Goofy State of Mind. Dear Peggy: The letter I am about to carve you is a monstrous impertinence. This is fair warning; you should at once tear it up. It is, I think, insolent enough to give an opinion when asked for it; it is the outside limit to afford judgments when no one desired them, and as a result of analysis a letter not addressed to you… So.

Add together your rating See all 3 adolescent reviews. What's the story? But they don't know that she was an investigative journalist who may have gotten tangled up with some very dodgy people. Their police detective father uproots them from their home in fantastic Dixon City named for the charge series' author's pen name Franklin W. Dixon and relocates them for the summer to small town Bridgeport, anywhere he and his late wife grew up, their families still live, after that peril abounds. The boys enmesh themselves quickly in the local kid background set in the s, they appear to be free of parents after that set to puzzling through the a lot of mysteries that surround them, including who killed their mother. It's going en route for be a very full summer. Carry on reading Show less Is it a few good?


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