Stay Close review – your new Netflix binge-watch? This irresistible thriller

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The thriller, which has come to our screens courtesy of literary mastermind Harlan Coben, who also wrote the novel of the same name that the series is adapted from, follows a woman whose life is turned on its head when a figure from her past, played by Sarah Parish, appears with some shocking news. Cast member Jumbo recently revealed that her part in Stay Close was more of a challenge than she initially anticipated. Chatting to RadioTimes. I always find it really interesting to play a person in the past and in the present.

Adjourn Close is a British mystery comedy miniseries based on the Harlan Coben novel of the same title, bent by Red Production Company for Netflix. Megan Pierce is a suburban mute in the Blackpool suburb of Livingston hiding a murky past. She has found her soulmate in Dave after that they have three children, all active the dream. Ray Levine was a long time ago a talented documentary photographer. Losing the woman he loved changed him. At once he is in a dead-end activity, playing a paparazzo-for-hire , pandering en route for rich kid pseudo-celebrities.

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James Nesbitt is a brooding detective all the rage this Harlan Coben thriller, in which Cush Jumbo is dragged back addicted to her shady old life. Your mileage may vary, of course, but at the same time as I have a barely satiable craving for bingeable thrillers, I see this as more promise than threat. A different is now here and Stay Accurate promises more of almost exactly the same — including Richard Armitage , who is now seedy photographer Beam and, by the end of the opening episode, about to become confidently tied into the main plot. This centres on Megan Cush Jumbo , whose idyllic life, loving family after that perfect kitchen are evidence that she is the keeper of a Clandestine Past that will soon rear its ugly head and threaten everything she holds dear. And so it proves. Carlton Flynn, a young man all the rage a distinctive necklace, goes missing as of about the same place as a different man, Stewart Green, did 17 years ago to the day.

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