Aggression in Women: Behavior Brain and Hormones

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The male gaze describes a way of portraying and looking at women that empowers men while sexualizing and diminishing women. While biologically, from early adolescence on, we are driven to look at and evaluate each other as potential mates, the male gaze twists this natural urge, turning the women into passive items to possess and use as props. This concept is not just about how women and their bodies are used to satisfy male fantasy but also how this gaze, whether it's directed at them or others, makes women feel about themselves. Overview The term male gaze was first popularized in relation to the depiction of female characters in film as inactive, often overtly sexualized objects of male desire. However, the influence of the male gaze is not limited to how women and girls are featured in the movies. Rather, it extends to the experience of being seen in this way, both for the female figures on screen, the viewers, and by extension, to all girls and women at large.

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