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Don't let that one friend of yours who won't shut up about her super-easy pregnancy fool you: For most of us, it's hard AF. From the second you get pregnant, your body starts making all sorts of accommodations for the new tenant in your uterus, stretching itself apart from the inside out like some sort of Game of Thrones torture device. Even at just six weeks in, you're suddenly peeing all the time, having hot flashes on the street, and passing out before you get a chance to watch The Bachelor. As time goes on, your ankles swell, you can't find a single comfortable position to sleep in, and your walk morphs into a slow, steady waddle as you also psychologically prepare to welcome a new human into your life. On paper, pregnancy is awe-inspiring and beautiful. But when you're in the thick of it, it's physically grueling and emotionally exhausting. Let's be real: It can straight-up suck.

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