Authentication and Authorization

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These modules implement core directives that are core to all auth modules. Beginning If you have information on your web site that is sensitive before intended for only a small arrange of people, the techniques in this article will help you make absolutely that the people that see those pages are the people that you wanted to see them. This clause covers the standard way of defend parts of your web site so as to most of you are going en route for use. If you plan to abuse. This is done with the AllowOverride directive, which specifies which directives, but any, may be put in per-directory configuration files. Since we're talking at this juncture about authentication, you will need an AllowOverride directive like the following: AllowOverride AuthConfig Or, if you are a minute ago going to put the directives absolutely in your main server configuration box file, you will of course need en route for have write permission to that box file.


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