Women Are Hungry for Change. For Equality. For Food. Meet 10 of Them.

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For nine long years, she saved enough money and eventually travelled to Europe for one month, visiting seven different countries independently. Reflecting on the magnitude of impact on travel on her own personality and life, Shahin was inspired to share this experience with others. Through one post on social media, many people approached her for advice and were encouraged to travel on their own as a result of her experience. Being the first initiative in Egypt and the Middle East dedicated solely to combat food waste, Shahin and her husband launched it in the context of the rising alarm of the issue of food waste around the world today. Food waste is not just a humanitarian concern, Shahin says, but more importantly —an environmental one.

Women Are Hungry for Change. For Correspondence. For Food. Meet 10 of Them. World Food Program USA January 27, Share this story In nearly two-thirds of countries around the world, women are more likely than men en route for suffer from hunger and malnourishment. Deep-seated gender norms, man-made conflict and a lack of equal rights trap women in a cycle of disadvantage, abject poverty and hunger.

After that we made plans. I would allow been mortified by flowers or adoration notes or public displays of care. I did not want, or basic, to be told that I was lovable, that I was desirable, so as to I was beautiful. The idea of someone devoting time, attention, energy, before money to making me happy made me profoundly uncomfortable.


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