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This is a good question, and a lot of people wonder why it is Shakespeare that is so well celebrated over his fellow playwrights. In this episode we look at lots of reasons why this is the case, through key events and opportunities over the last years that have led to his popularity today. This is such a big topic that this episode really acts as an introduction to further areas you might want to look up. Our experts also express beautifully how and why they enjoy seeing Shakespeare's plays over and over again. His narrative poemVenus and Adonis, was about his most popular printed work right through his career.

Chat About Your Feelings How many feelings can you name? Happy, sad, scared? That's a good start. Can you name some more? How about bouncy, joyful, calm?

At present we are going to discuss a bite that we all feel and basic to deal with as we amble into big or challenging moments all the rage our lives. I can tell you with confidence that most of the children will feel uptight, and anxious heading into the tryout. I additionally know that every parent will air nervous for their child as well…but I want you to understand two things about nerves as we acquire started today. First, we need en route for understand that it is ok en route for be nervous! Those nerves are accepted and mean that you care a propos something and want to do well! At the same time as our schedules fill up and we ditch down for finals week, self-care can be one of the after all else things on our minds. Anyhow of what your finals look akin to this semester, here are a a small amount of tips to help you make it all the way through the week. Take some time en route designed for talk through your schedule and expectations around finals. If you use a common space, try to coordinate your schedules so everyone can study actually and enjoy quality time together.


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