21 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in London

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What a museum! Sir John Soane was an architect and art collector, who used his own house in order to test all kinds of architectural ideas. It looks as if every single square inch is in use one way or another and even the ceilings are covered with sculptures, paintings, and other decorative objects. Please note that photography is not allowed inside, but you can find nice images on the website of the museum. The image featured here is courtesy of the museum and is a good representation of what you can expect to find inside.

Accepted afternoon tea at The Savoy Finest for: stretching out for a elongate afternoon beside the Thames London at present is as blessed with as a lot of fine hotels, restaurants and tea houses in which to take afternoon banquet as at any point in its history. Possibly even more of them. Nominating the best of the allocation would be an impossible and idealistic task, since so much depends arrange mood and whim and the exigencies of the moment. But in a few case and under any circumstances The Savoy would have to be actual, very, very near the top of such a list. Service is active, liveried and brisk, respectful but not fawning, attentive without being obtrusive, decisively on the right side of airless. In short, it's spot-on. The bowl is pleasingly crisp of linen, grey of pot and spoon, and flower of cup and saucer. Nor is there any faulting the foodstuffs. The obligatory finger sandwiches, scones, pastries after that cakes are impeccable; the teas, as of the house blend to the splendidly named Iron Buddha Oolong and Acme Osmanthus, likewise.


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