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Image source, Science Photo Library Image caption, The national sex survey is carried out every decade When public health chief Prof John Ashton recently suggested the age of consent should be reduced to 15, he was quickly slapped down. Downing Street issued an immediate rebuttal of the idea and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and Labour MPs soon made it clear where they stood. There was no debate. To Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, which has published the results of the latest once-a-decade national sex survey, the episode demonstrated the inability of the political classes to have a mature debate about sex. In this, they seem out of step with the general public. Rather than be embarrassed about what goes on behind closed doors, researchers carrying out the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles found people were only too willing to discuss the issue. That contrasted with the one in five who would not divulge how much they earned. And the results are revealing. People may be having less sex than they used to - as the BBC has been reporting in its news coverage on Tuesday - but the real revolution is in our attitude to what is and is not acceptable.

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