The Hunter S. Thompson You Don't Know

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Frankel All rights reserved. You'll only end up thinking everythingapplies to you in equal proportions when in fact you're probably doing betterthan you think. I'm always surprised when a woman tells me, I make everymistake you list in the book! When Icoach women, I often tell them that changing behavior is much easier if they canunderstand where it comes from and what purpose it serves. All behavior serves apurpose—take a few minutes now to understand what purpose yours serves. From the outset I want you to know and, even more important, believe thatthe mistakes impeding you from reaching your career goals or potential don'thappen because you're stupid or incompetent although others might want tomake you think so. You are simply acting in ways consistent with yoursocialization or in response to cultural expectations.

The author is remembered more for his persona than for his writing—which is a shame AP Images If you talk to people who knew Huntsman S. Thompson, born 74 years back this week, you are going en route for hear crazy stories. From Thompson's beginning, boyhood, and schooling in Louisville, Kentucky, to a brief stint with the Air Force, even briefer stints along with several newspapers and magazines in the early s, the publication of his first book, Hell's Angels: The Alien and Terrible Saga of the Ban Motorcycle Gangsuntil his death by a long-promised suicide inthe author, journalist, after that all-American antihero cut a broad swath through life, becoming as infamous designed for a love of drink, drugs, after that guns, as he was famous designed for his literary career. That's a bring into disrepute.

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