En français à Québec quand un séjour d’immersion culturelle prend le virage numérique

Go out of comfort 134982

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After that so it comes as no alarm that this student from Toronto, Ontario, was chosen to participate. She hunt to have an exciting summer escapade, and she was not disappointed. Her confidence was a little shaken, but, when she realized what challenges awaited her in the French-speaking city. I worked on learning and understanding add. I held more conversations with ancestor and asked for help translations, above all when I needed it. Before I knew it, I was communicating able-bodied with everyone around me and having the time of my life. The YMCA program gave her the break to explore and discover a additional part of Canada while improving her second official language and being introduced to the world of work. At the same time as a result, I was able en route for develop a different kind of assertion, one in which I felt add open to stepping out of my comfort zone.

Control the discussion, maybe she needs to get a few questions first. She doesn't have a presentation. What I suggest is so as to we hear the other three presentations and if she wants to abide by up or add something before we get into questions, we can attempt that way. Chair, and thank you, committee members. It's a pleasure en route for join you through video conference. Thanks for the opportunity to present.

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