7 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Anything that is static in life is dying. There are a few certainties in life normally death and taxes are the two that get cited the most not sure which one I prefer at least after death there are no more taxes, inb4 HRMC heaven branch another one that people often neglect and in quite a few instances probably fear more is change. Nothing will ever stay the same, things have to evolve, adapt, overcome and change constantly just to keep pace with their surroundings. Fear is nothing other than you wanting not to try. For some reason, the thought of doing something is almost always way worse than actually doing it the mind has a nasty habit of building mountains out of molehills. The mind is a sneaky wee cunt and is to be mistrusted at almost every juncture it is normally best to act first and then dissect later with a critical look trying to tease out inefficiencies and mistakes you made along the way. By far the worst course of action is to plan and think about how you are going to do things correctly the first time because there is zero chance you are going to get anything correct the first time you do it. You are going to make mistakes, you are going to get things wrong and you are probably going to be shit at it.

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We Can Help. If you struggle along with anxiety or feel scared by the unknown, stepping out of your bolster zone can feel overwhelming. Here are 7 practical ways to help you step outside of your comfort zone: 1. Instead of watching TV, you can choose to read a charge. Start conversations with strangers. Add a different flavor to your wardrobe — and then continue from there. All the rage starting out by taking baby steps, you will be shocked by how quickly change seems much less daunting. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. One of the biggest obstacles that keep people in their bolster zone is fear.

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