LGBTQ Terms and Definitions

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Since terminology is so fluid and identity labels mean different things to different people, this list simply aims to serve as a resource and guide. Cisgender Term used to describe an individual whose assigned biological sex aligns with their expected binary gender identity. Cross dresser A person who enjoys dressing in clothing typically associated with the other of the 2 socially-sanctioned genders, but who generally have no intent to live full-time as the other gender. Can be done for entertainment, as parody or to make a political statement. Gender expression The way an individual conveys or is perceived as conveying their gender, including their choices in clothing, hairstyles, mannerisms, communication patterns, social roles, etc. How an individual feels inside and believes themself to be. Gender dysphoria formerly referred to as gender identity disorder A diagnostic label included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-5 to describe when a person identifies as a different gender than the one they were assigned based on their birth sex. Usually means male-to-female, male-toward-female, female-to-male or female-toward-male. Passing Being perceived by others as the gender you are aiming to present as.

Although transgender activists and celebs, like Janet Mock, and Chaz Bono have helped to increase the visibility of transgender people, many are still struggling along with the implications of choosing to alteration within a relationship. Though your affiliate is changing their outside, and the way the world sees them, they are still the person you chop in love with initially. During this incredibly life-affirming time, you can ascertain to be an ally to your partner as you lovingly support their transition. If they want to be called by a different name, accomplish it. So when folks misgender me, it reinforces my insecurities about my body. Check out this video en route for learn why using the correct pronoun is important: 3. Just know so as to it is a process for not only your partner, but for by hand too, and it does get advance over time. Remember to talk en route for your partner often and honestly a propos any concerns or worries you allow about the relationship.

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