Australia's 'man drought' is real — especially if you're a Christian woman looking for love

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Rhonda Stoppe Speaker and Author 20 Dec I recently met with a young woman who was tired of being the only one without a special someone. In college she had dated one man, but after that relationship ended she was insecure and afraid to get hurt again. Now, after many years of flying solo, she decided it was time to jump back into dating. However, there was no one in her church, at work, or any of her friendship circles who sparked her interest. So, she decided to go through a Christian dating service. She was excited to read the personal profiles of a number of men who she chose to date. When she explained that she was a virgin and committed to sexual purity, one man aggressively attempted to change her mind, while others abruptly ended the date and never called her again. Does this sound familiar?

Although even so, she's been on the receiving end of what she calls singleness microaggressions — like when a big cheese at church asks, Why aren't you married? A defence against the alarm of missing out No one is immune to feelings of loneliness, angst and the fear of unmet expectations, and Dr Moore says her Christian faith has offered a defence adjacent to all these things. Supplied: Natasha Moore Dr Moore has also developed abound friendships in the Church where her marital status, or theirs, have not mattered. Over the last decade, she's set aside time every week en route for catch up and pray with her two best friends, who are equally at different stages in their lives. They see a lot of themselves in the network of spinsters after that widows, or surplus women, popularised as a result of Dorothy Sayers's detective novels, who advantage protagonist Lord Peter Wimsey solve crimes. Dr Moore centre wants to get back the word spinster. Supplied: Natasha Moore There are all these women along with all this energy, this spare force that they would've put into their families, and so he sends them out undercover to investigate his murders, she says.

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