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Mujeres Latinas en Accion - Chicago Rolanda is available to serve as a long-term resource to assist parties through administrative and criminal proceedings as well as to be a confidential resource. This service is free and Rolanda has received over 40 hours of Sexual Violence Advocacy training. NLU will take the steps that it can to protect your privacy and empower you to pursue your chosen course of action. Whether or not you choose to file a complaint, NLU may be legally required to investigate an incident and to take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of the University community. Keep in mind that: In cases involving a pattern, predatory behavior, threats, weapons, or violence, the University will likely be unable to honor a request for complete confidentiality. If you request confidentiality and the circumstances allow us to honor your request, we will do so.

We will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour adjacent to a student, University employee or others visiting, working or studying at the University. The following behaviours are careful unacceptable, and may result in corrective action: Physical Behaviour - Punching; Kicking; Slapping; Pulling hair; Biting; Expulsion; Pushing; Shoving Sexual Misconduct - Engaging all the rage a sexual act without consent ; Attempting to engage in sexual association or a sexual act without consent; Sharing, including by electronic means, clandestine sexual materials about another person devoid of consent; Kissing without consent; Touching ancestor inappropriately through their clothes without consent; Inappropriately showing sexual organs to a different person, including by electronic means ; Stalking, including repeatedly following another person; Making unwanted remarks of a sexual nature, including by electronic means. Designed for full details on the Student Corrective Procedures click here Staff Code The University recognises that its staff are its most valuable asset and wishes to promote and maintain a apparent way of working in which baton are given clear and consistent in a row about the expectations of the Academe, its rules and policies. The Cipher provides information about the standards accepted from, and by, staff and managers. As a Church of England Base, we value: the development of the whole person, respecting and nurturing the inherent dignity and potential of all individual; the integration of excellent belief, research and knowledge exchange; the ability of higher education to enrich individuals, communities and nations; our friendly, all-encompassing and professional community of students after that staff; preparing individuals to contribute en route for a just and sustainable future. Designed for those with Leadership and Management responsibilities: demonstrate the behaviours that are adjust out in the Leadership and Administration Framework; ensure that staff are provided with clear and consistent information a propos expectations for their behaviour and behaviour of working, and that they are equipped and informed so that they can carry out their role actually. Certain types of conduct are deplorable and could result in disciplinary accomplishment which may include dismissal being taken. Each case would be judged contained by the context of the particular circumstances.

A study to be presented on Monday focuses on the social consequences designed for those who engage in frequent hookups. Two researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago examined responses as of more than 19, students who completed the Online College Social Life Analyse last year. They found that equally men and women on college campuses lose respect for those who catch up too often — and all the rage a sign of moving toward femininity equality, students of both sexes were likely to be scorned for their promiscuous behavior. The study also shows that colleges dominated by Greek background and the glorification of male varsity sports may hold on more en route for the traditional sexual double standard. Why did you decide to study this topic? I was interested in looking at the continued success of the gender revolution when it comes en route for sexuality — whether or not sexual double standards still existed when it comes to casual sex.


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