Women using unregulated websites to find sperm donors ‘harassed and sent photos of miscarriages’

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Author Genevieve Roberts, from London, who divorced her husband at the age of 30, discovered she needed to act fast if she wanted to have a baby after undergoing fertility tests. Raising her children solo, Genevieve penned a memoir about her experience called Going Solo: My Choice to Become a Single Mother, explaining why being single does not make her a bad parent. While becoming a single parent was never her dream when she was younger, she says she's totally happy with the decision she made and 'would not do it differently. She told the Mail OnlineFor I have chosen to go solo, like an increasing number of new mothers. Every decision I've made since becoming pregnant via sperm donor is mine, and every decision I will go on to make, is one I make alone. Even Cheryl Cole, single mother to two-year-old Bear from her former relationship with One Direction star Liam Payne, has admitted considering having a baby via a sperm donor. While she admits that parenting alone can be hard, and the cost of IVF treatment, which many single women don't qualify for on the NHS, is hefty - she says it doesn't affect her ability to be a good mum.

Around are very strict NHS rules en route for be eligible for artificial insemination after that private treatment is expensive. But - because this is totally unregulated - the practice is rife with problems. In a programme airing tonight, the BBC discovered women using the internet to find sperm donors are body harassed and sent photos of miscarriage. Single woman 'Sarah' wanted a babe alone, so turned to the internet, she told film-makers. Kirsti revealed individual prospective donor was not genuine. She told the BBC: Ultimately it bowed out he was married and so as to he'd actually had a vasectomy, accordingly was in no way viable by all. He says his motives are entirely altruistic. But when I started to see children born, I got the first few photos, I realised how happy I was making ancestor, he added. It is pretty arduous finding donors.

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